Bizlog is a product versatile reverse logistic organization, the beauty of the return management by bizlog lies in the fact that it can serve B2B, B2C, and C2C, D2C & C2B witha single operational engine.We provide services for manufacturers, retailers e-commerce platforms, insurance companies, service centres,rental companies, distributors, refurbishment companies work from home solutions, and much more.

  • Service-related logistics Management
  • E-commerce Management
  • Rental Logistics Management
  • DOA returns Management
  • Refurbishment Related Logistics Management
  • Bulk Evaluation & Return Logistics
  • Pick & Choose Logistics
  • Evaluation, Packing & Consolidation
  • Exchange
  • Repair & Alterations


Bizlog is product versatile waste management company and can handle End-to-end logistics for all non-hazardous, non-municipal waste, with its network of hubs across the country.

Bizlog is capable of handling Individual Pickup, part load, Full Truck Load, etc with all value-added services like Evaluation, Sorting, packing, weighments, etc. Bizlog has the capability of consolidating all the waste and keeping it in its hub center & ship across to your choice of recyclers. This all chain of events, stock available in every hub will be available in a dashboard so that every customer of ours has the end to end Visibility. we do provide collection center services for E-waste, and other waste management companies.

  • Collection Center
  • All types of Transportation & logistic services
  • Evaluation, Packing, Weighment & other value-added logistics services
  • Pre-Pickup Evaluation
  • Storage Solutions
  • Multi-Location Project Pickups
  • Time & Date Dened Pickup


Bizlog works on products that need value-added delivery services starting from repacking, verication before delivery, installation, dismantling, exchange, demo & training, and many more services Tailor-made operations designed as per your business needs. Ability to provide solutions for raw material, nished goods, and secondary transportation requirements of any client across India.

  • Refund &Advanced Refund
  • Exchange
  • Repair and Alternations
  • Pick and choose
  • Installation & Dismantling
  • Demo and Training
  • Physical verication
  • Stand By Unit management
  • Repacking
  • Relabelling


Relocation of warehouses has been a nightmare for every organization because of the completely unorganized, individual-driven service providers and the lack of Providers who provide end-to-end relocation services.In the warehouse, Bizlog is Capable of handling end-to-end relocation service starting from inventory Management, sorting, packing, shipping,temporary warehousing, dismantling & Re-installation of rack Infrastructure, electrical Infra structure, CCTV, Fire & safety Equipments, Genset & much more..

This wholesome service comes with complete project management, providing of Faulty parts & time-based commitments. This whole activity performed by taking Care of safety,hygiene, site-related & statutory norms.

  • Dismantling & Re-installation
  • Packing of all products
  • Sort-pack -Ship Inventory
  • Loading & Unloading Services
  • Transportation